MAC Studio Inc. 

Jeff McLane

Jeff McLane graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor in Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Environmental Design and holds a Master’s in Landscape Architecture from UC Berkeley. He has worked as a landscape architect in the Bay Area for over 20 years. He brings a background in fine art, contemporary design, horticulture, soil science, and community design, and as well as knowledge of construction techniques’ and processes to his projects. Jeff has a deep connection to nature and how we as people are connected to it, and how it relates to the built landscape. He is committed to and fundamentally believes in creating landscapes that support sustainable ecologies, conserve recourses, are non-toxic, culturally and socially relevant, and create lasting value to the community. Jeff has consulted for architects as a LEED certified designer and has worked on many project teams, including large and small teams that involved architects, interior designers, lighting designers, artists, soils, civil and structural engineers, and various government agencies, from local municipal planning and building departments to the California Department of Fish and Game and BCDC.




Shalini Agrawal

Shalini Agrawal is a practicing architectural designer incorporating multi-disciplinary projects that include interior architecture, landscape architecture and art installations. In addition to her professional experience, she has worked with a variety of communities using participatory design as a key element in her process.Shalini is a co-founder of Archi-treasures, now in its 19th year. This non-profit organization uses participatory design methods in designing and building public community spaces. She facilitated numerous design workshops with participants of all ages, ethnicity and socio-economic status. She created and developed original programming, now implemented in over 100 schoolyards and community spaces in the Chicago area. Shalini teaches at various Bay Area institutions and is the current director of Center for Art and Public Life at California College of the Arts. She oversees and facilitates three community engagement programs that provide diverse collaborations among its students, faculty, and community partners to address societal needs at the local, regional and global levels. Shalini is principal at MAC Studio, a multi-disciplinary practice with the process of engaging communities through landscape architecture. Most recently she worked collaboratively on the landscape design and construction of a San Francisco Unified School District Green Schoolyard, greening a play yard through participatory design methods.Shalini holds firm to the belief that the individual’s well being is a reflection of the community’s, and the community’s well being is a reflection of its constituents. She received her Master of Architecture from the University of Illinois in Chicago.



Catherine Chang

Catherine Chang is a professional and instructor in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design. In private practice and as an educator, her attention is focused on how landscapes create sustainable ecological and cultural footprints within cities. She is currently engaged in designing new landscapes for the South Prescott Neighborhood as a part of a groundbreaking EPA lead treatment project and the Union Plaza Farm and Fitzgerald Park for City Slicker Farms, all in West Oakland. Other recently constructed projects include Julia Morgan School for Girls, the Schnier Sculpture Garden showcasing early modernist sculptor Jacques Schniers work, Pizzaiolo Restaurants garden and chicken coop and many various private residences. Recipient of several design awards, she studied architecture and landscape architecture at UC Berkeley. Prior to starting her own practice, she worked at Calthorpe Associates and other notable urban design firms. She is currently adjunct faculty at USF Architecture and Community Design and UC Berkeley Extension Landscape Architecture Certificate programs.